Dec. 6th, 2011

At one point, I had set up a web server on my home machine in order to test something out. I had the internet link up, and was chatting with folks on IRC, when a friend of mine asked "who is cat9?" I didn't understand the question, and he explained that he had seen my server up, and had been browsing, and wondered who the girl in cat9.jpg was. I eventually figured out he had connected to my home machine instead of my public web server, and had found this image on it. So I explained that it was Christina Ricci, in a publicity still from the remake of That Darn Cat. Then he asked "do you know her?" No, I don't know her, I'm just a fan.

After that, I put it out of my mind and did other stuff. But then he came back. "You're sooooo busted! I found this picture of you and Erin Murphy! You're hugging, you obviously know her!"

He had convinced himself, from one pic I had from a meet-and-greet, that I was close personal friends with all sorts of stars. Yeah, right. I should have shut down the web server when I realized it was externally accessible. But there's nothing I can do about peoples' wild flights of fancy.



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